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M a y n a r d  S t u d i o s  ~ L a w r e n c e b u r g , K y .  5 0 2 . 8 5 9 . 3 1 7 0
Matthew and Karine Maynard are designers,
blacksmiths and artists who use metal and
architectural space as their media. As a husband and
wife team, they specialize in hand-forged custom stair
rails, furniture and applied design. Their work has
been featured in international periodicals, given
prominence by the National Ornamental Misc. Metals
Association and the Artist Blacksmiths Association of
North America. Their larger commissions are primarily
installed in private residences throughout the Midwest
and southern United States, but smaller works reside
in homes and businesses from California to Italy.

Each element of their work reflects their professional
attention to aesthetic detail, design and function with
a focus on quality over quantity.

"We work closely with our clients throughout the
design process and look forward to collaborating with
them and creating something that will last for
generations to come".
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