The Manhattan Series
The Manhattan Tables are inspired by the drink of the same name and the
legend behind it.  The story goes that in 1874 at the Manhattan Club in New
York City a party was held to honor Samuel J. Tilden's candidacy for President of
the United States.  A drink was introduced especially for the evening, a Bourbon
and vermouth cocktail garnished with a candied cherry, and the success of the
event lead to the drink becoming quite a thing.  In the weeks after, people would
ask their bartender for "that Manhattan drink" and the rest is history.

When a barrel aging warehouse just down the road from our studio was torn
down and reclaimed, we decided any beam that had held countless barrels of
Bourbon for decades (some of which could have been poured that night in
1874) was worthy of something pretty special, so we set out to do some mixing
of our own.  The bronze collars and scroll work legs are a little bit of New York
and the shape of the pot-still column and Bourbon wood are every bit
Bluegrass.  But it wasn't complete until we topped it all off with a garnish of
cherry trim around the table's edge.
The Manhattan Bar Table
42" H x 34.5" X 34.5".  Shown with 30" Prairie Stools.  Forged steel with bronze, Bourbon
wood and Cherry.
More designs in this series are to be released but, being
good tenders of our establishment, we can happily mix
one to your own tastes, as well.
A Blending of Histories
M a y n a r d  S t u d i o s  ~ L a w r e n c e b u r g , K y .  5 0 2 . 8 5 9 . 3 1 7 0