M a y n a r d  S t u d i o s  ~ L a w r e n c e b u r g , K y .  5 0 2 . 8 5 9 . 3 1 7 0
We work with local wood workers to use reclaimed wood from Kentucky barns and
Bourbon barrel warehouses in our hand forged furniture.  At one time these boards
formed the varied structures that helped people make a living and feed a family.  For
generations they've heard horses plowing the fields, the thunder of Spring rain and
sounds of an honest day's work..  Honoring that, we hope that re-purposing this
wood stands as a testament to the heritage of our region.

Some of our designs that use reclaimed woods are limited in number, others may be
exclusive single issue pieces.  But like everything else we do, each is hand crafted one
at a time, never mass produced.  Time has aged the wood to rich malty color and the
steel is forged on an anvil from the 1800's.  There's no big hurry, so sit down for a
bit.  This has been a long time coming.
Reclaiming History